Request for Approval

(i.e. not limited to additions, roofs, patios, decks, porches, enclosures, pools, cages, driveway expansion/replacement, circular driveways, walkways exceeding 5ft wide, fences)

1. Fill out request form and submit before submitting County permit application 2. Attach a site plan and plans or have available for DR Committee

3. Submit request – Please use the form below or email:, or mail FLCCE, PO Box 25041, Sarasota, FL 34277.

4. Deed Restriction Committee (DRC) will contact homeowner and schedule an appointment to review plans

5. DRC will submit request to the Board for approval

6. Board approval will be handled as quickly as possible.

7. Letter of approval/denial mailed to homeowner

8. Upon receipt of the County permit and permitted set of plans, homeowner must submit a copy to the Board. NOTE: Refer to Deed Restrictions for “Building plans….”

Request for Approval Form

Thanks for submitting!