Updates to FLCCE Entrances in Process

If you’ve been out enjoying our neighborhood, or reading this website, you will see that your HOA, (and wonderful volunteers), have been busy updating our great area.

Whether it’s power washing, painting or planting to improve our entrances and streets, the work has been virtually non-stop. The Tanglewood entrance is nearly complete and the work on Espanola Avenue’s entry, is in-progress.

There are plans to begin improvement at the main Beneva entrance, as well as Riviera Drive.

We also hope to establish some FLCCE presence at the North end of Beneva in the future, as any elements that define a residential community, improve security and safety.

For now, we are doing things in phases, to conserve funds and volunteers’ energy. But, be assured, the area improvements will be ongoing.

As with any established property, the maintenance required as properties and landscapes age, is critical. Mowing, trimming bushes, keeping up with dead palm fronds, weeds, and edging, are essential to help mature properties look fresh.

Please make sure to keep up with these things on your own property, you’ll be glad you did.

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