Thanks to the Neighbors' Generous Contributions to our Tanglewood Entrance

We wish to thank all residents who have contributed plantings, in the name of their loved ones, to beautify our area. As well as those generous souls who wish to remain anonymous.

You may have noted the recent improvements made to the Tanglewood and Espanola entrances of Forest Lakes. We are slowly moving through the neighborhood to enhance the entries and boulevards.

Recently we received donations, via the Donation button on The money was given to memorialize friends, and/or relatives, via the purchase of a plant(s), to begin enhancement of the FLCCE entrances.

The residents, in whose names, the beautiful 7-gallon Oleander plants were donated at the Tanglewood entrance, are as follows:

· In the name of Doug Erb, from the Erb family

· In the names of James and Penny Mason, from the Mason/Neeley family

· In the name of Dorothy Neeley, from the Neeley family

· In the name of Patricia and John Filchock, from Joan Blanchard

· In the name of Richard Herald, from grateful FLCCE friends/neighbors

· In the name of her family, Bonnie Scudder

As we beautify our area, there will be more opportunities to contribute to memoriam.

If you wish to see landscape improvements and or plant in memory of a loved one, please reach out to

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