Thanks to All Who Attended the Sarasota Bay & Estuary Program (SBEP) Event

Thanks to all FLCCE and South Gate residents who collaborated to bring forth the recent SBEP event, held at the South Gate Community Center, this past Saturday June 5.

If you were unable to attend, or had difficulty seeing or hearing the presentation, you may view the Power Point presentation here.

Those who did attend, learned the history and status of our estuary—Sarasota Bay—and the Phillippi Creek watershed area where we live. Whether or not your property fronts the Creek or lies east of Beneva Road, what we do in our yards, feeds into Phillippi Creek, and ultimately the Bay.

We learned, that while several tasks to protect our waterways can be accomplished over time, it is imperative to note that as of June 1st, it is no longer acceptable to use nitrogen-containing fertilizer. The use of any such fertilizer is prohibited until the end of the summer months.

In addition, to timing the spreading of our fertilizer, we were informed that dog poop should always be picked up, as its qualities are more human than other animals, and is actually harmful to our waterways.

There are many ways to participate in the maintenance and improvement of our water quality; please note the numerous volunteer opportunities that exist within a variety of community programs. In addition, FLCCE will also be establishing similar volunteer events soon. Check back here at the website or email us at

In the interim, if you wish to initiate projects in your own yard, check the following:

Rain Gardens & Bioswales: Clean Water for People and Nature

Living on the Water's Edge: A Homeowner's Guide to Low Maintenance Landscaping Along Seawalls, Bayfronts and Canals

Attendees filled out surveys indicating community topics they would like to hear about in the future. If you were unable to attend, please email us at with your topics of interest.

For further information go to:

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