Beneva Rd.  - Nick Figlow 

Brookhaven Dr. (N)  - Ross Corona

Brookhaven Dr. (S)  - Sherry Erb

Brookline Dr. - Elaine Adair

Espanola Ave. - Marcy Nuncio  

Espanola Dr.  -  Marcy Nuncio 

Glenna Ln.  - Ross Corona 

Hyde Park St. - R oss Corona

Mid Ocean (N)  - Dawn McCarthy-Hale

Mid Ocean Cr. (S) - Carol Miller

Pine Valley Dr. (W) - Jody Maxwell

Pine Valley Dr. (E) & Pine Valley Ln. - Joseph Melancon/Belle Heneberger

Riviera Cr. - Maureen Williams / Joann Ganey 

Riviera Dr.  - Marie Diffley

Sea View St. - Gail Lidinsky

Tanglewood Dr. - Barb Elbrecht

White Sulphur Pl. - MaryAnn Figlow  

Village Green Section #14  - Debi Rowland

Village Green Section #12  - TamaTraberman

Roxana (Roxi) McCarthy

FLCCE Block Captain Chair

Block Captains - The Lifeblood of FLCCE

If you or your neighbor received a welcome packet when relocating to our beautiful area—it was delivered by your block captain.


If you’ve benefited from a door hanger, which kept you in the loop about area happenings—it was delivered by your block captain.


These great men and women have graciously donated their time and energy to make certain that when there are notices, or events happening in FLCCE, their neighbors are informed.


Encompassing an area of 400+ homes, divided by Beneva Road and a golf course, keeping everyone in the loop can be a daunting task. So, it is critical that we have a network of Block Captains to watch out for each unit within our community.


Take a look at the listing of block captains here on the website and make sure you thank yours for their service.


And, if you haven’t had the opportunity to meet some of your new neighbors, and/or would like to join—we would love to have you. There is always room for more!